A completed water well installation in Bend, OR

Domestic Water


  • Water Well System Installation
  • Submersible and Jet Pumps
  • Cisterns, Tanks, and Associated Plumbing
  • Standard Control Electrical Devices
  • Variable Frequency Drive Technology
  • Filtration of all types
  • Water Well Installation


We will assist you with your water well installation, we will troubleshoot and repair your equipment in a timely manner utilizing the latest tools and technology, and minimize the agony of living without our most precious resource.

Agricultural Water


  • Drip Irrigation for Hemp and Vegetables
  • Wheel Lines
  • Hand Lines
  • Pivots
  • Underground
  • Centrifugal, Submersible, and Multi-Stage Pumps - working individually or alternating two or more pumps as needed
  • Variable Frequency Drives - We can install and program a variable frequency drive that will not only save you time and money but also give you the peace of mind knowing that your system will have technology that will prevent future breakdowns.

Real Estate


  • Well testing to include gallons per minute of flow and specific yield.
  • Water quality testing including bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, lead, and iron as well as a host of other minerals that may be present in the water.


When excess sediment, sand, iron, nitrates or other issues come up, we can install cost effective filtration to eliminate the problem before it damages your water well system or enters your home's plumbing system.

Water Well System Installation in Bend, OR

At Water Works Irrigation and Pump Systems, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project – from consultation, to water well system installation, to maintenance, you can count on us to take care of your concerns.


Water Works offers design, service, repair, and installation in the following areas:

 Out of Water? Have a water emergency? Call us 24/7 - We are happy to help!


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